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The characteristics and life preferences of Turkish older adults [Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care]
Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care. 2018; 1(3): 115-129 | DOI: 10.5505/jaltc.2018.54154  

The characteristics and life preferences of Turkish older adults

Mithat Durak, Emre Senol-Durak
Department of Psychology, Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey

The older adult population have been increasing around the World. The interaction of older adults with their physical and social environment is so important to promote age-friendly societies. In the present study, it is aimed to explore variables associated with satisfaction among older adults living at home and nursing home. Participants were composed of 1770 older adults living at home (N= 846) and nursing home (N=924). Results revealed that, regarding variables associated with home satisfaction, older adults having at least a hobby, participating in social activities, living with her/his spouse and living at a home belongs to her/himself or spouse had higher scores of satisfaction than their counterparts. Regarding variables associated with nursing home satisfaction, older adults referred to a nursing home by herself/himself, older adults having visitors (a family member or another person rather than a relative) at a nursing home, older adults visiting her/his family and older adults having at least a hobby had higher satisfaction scores than counterparts. Results were discussed with the literature and clinical implications.

Keywords: Older adults living at home, older adults living at nursing home, home satisfaction, nursing home satisfaction, living place, participating in social activities, hobbies.

Mithat Durak, Emre Senol-Durak. The characteristics and life preferences of Turkish older adults. Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care. 2018; 1(3): 115-129

Corresponding Author: Mithat Durak, Türkiye

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