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J AGING LONG TERM CARE dergisi 2018 yılında kurulmuş olup, Yılda 3 Periyot sayı çıkarmaktadır. J AGING LONG TERM CARE, Yayın dili olarak English ve Periodicals sunmaktadır. Editöryal değerlendirme sonucunda uygun bulunan yazılar paylaşılmaktadır. Değerlendirmeler çift kör sistemince değerlendirilmektedir.

Aims and Scope

“National Association of Social and Applied Gerontology (NASAG)”has recently assumed responsibility for the planning and introduction of a new international journal, namely, the Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care (JALTC). With world societies facing rapid increases in their respective older populations, there is a need for new 21st century visions, practices, cultural sensitivities and evidenced-based policies that assist in balancing the tensions between informal and formal long-term care support and services as well as examining topics about aging.

The JALTC is being launched as the official journal of the NASAG. The preceding journal aims to foster new scholarship contributions that address theoretical, clinical and practical issues related to aging and long-term care. It is intended that the JALTC will be the first and foremost a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal seeking to use research to build quality-based public policies for long-term health care for older people.

It is accepted that the JALTC is open to a diverse range of interpretations which in turn creates a differential set of implications for research, policy, and practice. As a consequence, the focus of the journal will be to include the full gamut of health, family, and social services that are available in the home and the wider community to assist those older people who have or are losing the capacity to fully care for themselves. The adoption of a broader view of aging and long-term care allows for a continuum of care support and service systems that include home base family and nursing care, respite daycare centers, hospital and hospice care, residential care, and rehabilitation services. It is also crucial to be aware that life circumstances can change suddenly and dramatically resulting in the need for transitional care arrangements requiring responsive, available, accessible, affordable and flexible health care service provision.

For further assistance and more detailed information about the JALTC and the publishing process, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat of the JALTC via sending an e-mail:

Vision and Mission

The major goal of the Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care (JALTC) is to advance the scholarly contributions that address the theoretical, clinical and practical issues related to aging and long-term care. The JALTC, while making efforts to create care services for older people at the best quality available that are more humane, that pay special attention to people’s dignity, aims from the perspective of the whole aging process- to discuss Social Care Insurance as a human right, to contribute care for older people to be transformed into an interdisciplinary field, to integrate care services for older people and gerontological concepts and to create more effective collaboration between them, to enhance the quality of care services for older people and the quality of life of caregivers from medical, psychological and sociological perspectives, to highlight the cultural factors in care for older people, to increase the potential of formal and informal care services, to provide wide and reachable gerontological education and training opportunities for caregivers, families and the older people.


National Association of Social and Applied Gerontology (Ulusal Sosyal ve Uygulamalı Gerontoloji Derneği)

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